As a sporting photojournalist passionate about photography, this site is for images I capture for fun, relaxation and enjoyment of photography.


  • Barb
    Sunset captured through a section of barbwire fence. *| 2013 Kerang Art Show, Best Photographic Print Manipulated Highly Commended |*
  • Ripple Trio
  • Wheat
  • Pollination
    A butterfly gently lands on a purple daisy to pollinate.
  • Bathurst Butterfly
  • Barb Retro
    Sunset captured through a section of barbwire fence, adjusted retro color.
  • Railway 2011
    Captured mid afternoon when the water began to recede from the Kerang Township. This image displays the force of water, which surrounded the township of Kerang. The force was that great it ripped out railway sleeper and pins, as well as moving the sand and rock from the batter.
  • Mountain High
  • Canola Rams
    A heard of Rams grazing in a paddock with a canola crop in the background.

Random Media

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